Xiaoqiang Teng (Ph.D. student)

National University of Defense Technology


About me
My name is Xiaoqiang Teng. I am a Ph.D. student in College of Information System and Management at National University of Defense Technology (NUDT). My advisors are Prof. Deke Guo and Prof. Zhong Liu. I received my B.E. degree from Shenyang University of Technology in 2013.
Research Interests
Cyber-physical systems, Mobile Computing, Mobile Sensing.

Current Research Directions

Selected Research Projects

People often find other persons (e.g., friends) in a day in the indoor environments, such as a shopping mall. This project proposes EasyFind, an indoor tracking system based on shared traces with a cloud server. The goal of this system is to find your prople-target by tracking the target's location in the indoor environments. EasyFind consists of three components, a trace recorder, a cloud server, and a finder. A trace recorder records his walking traces with the dead reckoning method and shares his walking traces by the cloud server. A finder finds his people-target by downloading the target's walking trace from the cloud server and then following the trace from his current location. We extensively evaluate our system in the Carrefour and the results have been reported in [Video].
This project presents IONavi, a joint navigation solution, which can enable passengers to easily deploy indoor-outdoor navigation service for subway transportation systems in a crowdsourcing way. Any self-motivated passenger records and shares individual walking traces from a location inside a subway station to an uncertain outdoor destination within a given range, such as one kilometer. IONavi further extracts navigation traces from shared individual traces, each of which is not necessary to be accurate. A subsequent following user achieves indoor-outdoor navigation services by tracking a recommended navigation trace. Extensive experiments are conducted on a subway transportation system and the experimental results have been reported in [TOSN].

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